About Nianet

Nianet provides professional fibre data network to all types of companies in both the private and public sector.

Together with our owners, 16 Danish power utility companies, we represent the largest and fastest-growing fibre network in Denmark.  We are nationwide and have nearly 100,000 km of fibre at our disposal.


Nianet is established in 2003 and has approx. 100 employees. Our headquarters is located in Glostrup just outside Copenhagen, and we have a department in Skanderborg as well. Furthermore we own and operate 5 data centres with a total floor space of more than 4,000 square meters to provide co-location.

Network and internet traffic

Our optical fibre network is constructed with full redundancy and Quality of Service (QoS), and it runs with up to 10 Gbit/s. Accesses are typically established with 1 Gbit/s. With this unique network we can guarantee the highest speeds and the lowest latency on the market.

Nianet has several transit suppliers providing internet capacity, and Nianet is a peer entity on selected internet exchanges (IXs), which ensures high uptime on internet traffic. Nianet has also set up private peer entities with a number of major providers.

The equipment used in Nianet’s network infrastructure is based on Cisco’s latest technology. This is to ensure highest level of stability and to maintain an advanced security.

Our products and services

Our products are primarily based on fibre network, but we also deliver other capacities such as DSL or wireless network.  

General overview of Nianet’s products and services:

  • Network - fx MPLS VPN and Managed LAN
  • Internet - flatrate and usage based
  • Cloud services - fx Remote Backup, Private- and Public Cloud
  • Co-location – rental of racks and rack space
  • Wholesale - fx dark fibre and WDM

Please contact our sales department at +45 70 20 87 30 or Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.


In Nianet we have a specialized wholesale department that takes care of all business with our partners. In Wholesale the primary products are dark fibre, WDM and EoMPLS.

If you wish to cooperate with Nianet or just want to learn more about our wholesale please contact Sales Manager, Wholesale, Allan Højby Hansen at +45 71 10 01 40 or Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.